When reliable products, technologies and systems become integral to your manufacturing operations, being forced to abandon them can impact production and customer commitments. When original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) no longer offer the full range of support services you need, or fail to offer service where you need it, Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) provides flexible options for extending the life and value of the technologies you have come to rely on.

Offering customer solutionsBSE will continue selling and servicing systems after original manufacturers cease offering support. We will customize solutions to meet your business needs, providing everything from worldwide, 24/7 field service and replacement parts to an innovative spectrum of ManufacturingEngineering and Supply Chain solutions. We will even work with OEMs to acquire or use core technologies to best meet your changing business needs.

BSE adds value and helps mitigate the risk of having to make unwanted technology changes with global services that few organizations are equipped to provide. You are assured a wide range of service options and contracts, creative problem solving and responsive, high-quality support available worldwide.

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