Flexes With You

Positioned Above the Rest

Takes The Heat

Pick & Place Reimagined

The semiconductor industry is undergoing rapid change and expansion in the wake of a more connected world. Size, weight and power (SWaP) are a central theme in the industry, particularly with the energy and electrification revolution.

In response to our customers, BSE had a bold vision – to build the most accurate, flexible and productive pick and place handler ever imagined.

And.. We Did it!

Panacea answers the call with an elegant, uncluttered, chamberless design that is robust and flexible while delivering superior thermal and positioning accuracy. The machines employ state-of-the-art vision technology that enables 3-step handling that minimizes the number of device transitions and eliminates most instances of “device kit” tooling.

Among the standard features, BSE has developed an advanced thermal engine built for active thermal control (ATC) and demonstrated best-in-class thermal performance.

For ease of maintenance and quick changeovers, Panacea is designed with full visibility and hassle-free access to the work area.

Panacea is deployed at customers running a range of applications in the automotive, memory, and consumer electronics market in both tri-temp and ambient configurations. Let us show you how Panacea can reimagine the way you stay competitive in a market of rapid change.