As innovation yields to innovation, servicing and supporting multiple generations of products can stretch the limits of even the largest, most proficient manufacturers. As our OEM partners face difficult decisions about the future of new or existing offerings, Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) expands their options for maximizing the value of their investments.

MVTS Partner Solution

Whether you are looking to retire an existing product or launch services cost-effectively, BSE offers innovative solutions spanning every phase of the product lifecycle. We provide global Product Support and logistics support to customers on a subcontract as well as a broad range of customizable ManufacturingEngineering and Supply Chain solutions to help maximize use of customers’ internal resources.

We manage customer communications throughout the “end of life” process to preserve satisfaction and promote a smooth transition to newer platforms. We can even recreate or enable OEMs to recoup investments in valued intellectual property.

Each BSE relationship with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is as unique as each OEM’s needs. A recognized leader in extending the life and value of investments in semiconductor-related systems, BSE is currently expanding its innovative model of partnering with OEMs in adjacent industries facing similar technology trends.