BSE-8xx Series

  • Large IC handler
  • x1 to x4 parallelism
  • 2D ID for part traceability
  • JEDEC tray media
  • Manual tray or tray automation versions
  • Four (4) axis PnP (X, Y, Z and Rotation)
  • Interface with custom test setups
  • Placement accuracy of +/- 75um
  • Kit Change: 30 Minutes

The BSE-8xx series handlers are compact in design and ideal for engineering and low volume production test environments.  The series uses JEDEC trays on input and output.  The BSE-800 has four manual tray positions and the BSE-820 has two (2) automated tray stacks plus two (2) manual tray positions.  The BSE_8xx handlers are designed for large ICs.  Packages as large as 90 x 90 can be positioned for x1 to x4 testing.

The BSE-8xx handlers can convert from one package to another in thirty (30) minutes.  Their small footprint make them ideal for lab environments.