• Final or System Level Test
  • Use with one or two testers
  • x1 to x4 parallelism
  • 2D ID for smart manufacturing
  • Vision alignment

The BSE-900 is a compact design ideal for engineering and low volume production test
environments. The handler can interface to two testers with each connection able to load
one (1) to four (4) test sites; or it can be used to load multiple SLT test positions. The
system integrates JEDEC tray automation, vision alignment, and 2D ID reading for packages
from 3mm x 3mm to 120mm x 120mm with thickness up 20mm.

The BSE-900 can convert from one package to another in fifteen (15) minutes. For larger,
high pin count packages, a combination of cameras and mechanical precising ensure +/-
75-micron placement accuracy. The integration of 2D ID reading makes this handler ready
for smart manufacturing environments.

The BSE-900 can be run ambient; interfaced with thermal forcing systems for testing at
temperature; or integrated with anechoic chambers for 5G over-the-air testing.