BSE Pressure MEMS – Performance Under Pressure

BSE Zeus for Pressure MEMS

  • x1 to x8 test sites
  • Index time as low as 650ms
  • Pressure ranges from negative atmosphere to 10 bar standard (up to 70 bar available as an option)
  • Temperature range of -55C to +155C
  • LN2 or mechanical refrigeration

BSE Pressure MEMS Advantages

Direct Pressure

The Zeus MEMS solution is fully integrated within the handler. No need to hand off to another unit to stimulate the MEMS device.

High Productivity

Fast index and quick transition between pressures allow you to process more parts through your test cell.

Cost Effective

Packed full of capability with the lowest cost of test.


Designed for MEMS and parametric testing in a single pass within the handler.

Package Flexibility

Easily handles packages with multiple ports under differential stimuli.

Test Site Compatibility

Easily integrated with your existing tester interfaces.


Simplified application of the pressure stimulus, leads to increased uptime.


Full tri-temp capability to meet the requirements of automotive and medical applications.

Pressure Applications

Low Pressure (vacuum) up to 3 psia / 200 mbar
Low Pressure (barometric) 0, 9 & 18 inches of H2O
High Pressure (automotive) up to 145 psia / 10 bar (up to 70 bar available as an option)
Slew Rate 1000ms between set points (application dependent)
Test Pressure Set Points 4 user selectable pressures
Pressure Accuracy Up to 0.02% of full scale (application dependent)
Pressure Verification Leak test verification prior to every test. Closed loop feedback from each site is available as an option