BSE High Voltage

  • Standard configuration: up to 6kV RMS / 8.4kV Peak
  • Optional configuration: up to 8.4kV RMS / 11.8kV Peak
  • UPH max of 18,000
  • Index time: 800ms
  • Tri-temperature: -55C to +155C
  • LN2 or mechanical refrigeration
  • Can be converted for standard parametric testing
BSE Zeus High Voltage Handler for MOSFET, IGBT, gate array and SiC devices

BSE High Voltage Advantages

Voltage Range

BSE has the high voltage solution you need! Solutions currently in the field handling today’s high voltage parts.


Materials integrated into the BSE high voltage handler design ensure safety and restrict partial discharge events to the device only. There is no metal near the DUT.

Test Site Configuration

There is no device plunge. Individual contact fingers touch each lead. Fingers are compliant to ensure contact even if there is variation in package leads.

Test Site Environment

Zeus HV optimizes test site spacing, material selection and tester integration for the highest performance high voltage solution on the market.

Tester Integration

BSE’s experience working with high voltage tester companies reduces your integration risk and shortens debug time. We get you into production faster!


Safety is our first priority. Our high voltage handler integrates the safety mechanisms required for maximum protection.

Road Map

BSE is focused on developing the capability to handle the future requirements for your high voltage device handling.

Package Flexibility

The Zeus HV can be converted to handle your portfolio of gravity high voltage and non-HV packages.

Staggered spacing, increases test site separation to prevent electrical arcing.