The V6 is the most economical priced handing solution for…

  • Product development & product introduction
  • Single site and dual site testing
  • Tri-temperature applications
  • Analog, High Frequency, Automotive and High Voltage applications
  • Industry leading UPH
  • Achieving quality and flexibility without giving up performance
  • The only OEM offering mechanical refrigeration for cold testing
  • Field changeover for a variety of package types
  • Field proven handling of small to large packages including QFN, SO, LGA, PLCC and DIP

Key Features

  • Up to dual test sites
  • Throughput up to 11,000 w/ 350 msec test time
  • Thermal -55°C to 155°C
    • No LN2 requirements for cold testing
  • Tube I/O
  • Conversion kits for QFN & SO packages


  • Analog
  • Automotive
  • High Frequency
  • High Voltage Partial Discharge

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