• ZeusThe Zeus will increase productivity while lowering the equipment cost
  • Industry leading UPH for applications
  • Achieve quality, performance and flexibility at the most economical price
  • Choose between mechanical refrigeration and LN2 (coming soon) for your cold test requirements
  • Field changeover for a variety of package types
  • Field proven handling of small to mid-size packages including QFN, SO, LGA and DIP


Key Features

  • Up to 8 test sites
  • Throughput up to 20,500 with a 1 second test time
  • Thermal -55°C to 155°C
    • Can use LN2 or mechanical refrigeration
  • Tube and metal magazine I/O
  • Conversion kits for QFN, SO , and other leaded packages


  • Analog
  • Automotive
  • MEMS Sensor Testing
  • High Frequency
  • High Voltage Partial Discharge